Construction Waste Recycling Plant봻 Concrete Waste Crusher
Construction Waste Recycling Plant is to recycle the building and construction waste in to aggregate and sand.
Mostly concrete waste and asphalt waste.
So it named Concrete Recycling Plant

Concrete Recycling Plant is the separation and recycling of recoverable waste materials generated during construction and remodeling.
Korea Crusher Plant Manufacturer, SamYoung Plant has the special and long experience with Construction Waste Recycling Plant especially Concrete Recycling Plant.

Concrete Recycling Plant is operating as followings.

(1) materials are separately stocked in a yard.
(2) materials go to primary crusher (Jaw crusher) for primary crushing.
(3) the materials are transferred by the belt conveyor to secondary crusher (Cone crusher) for further crushing.
(4) the vibrating screen will grade the materials, where stones that meet the granularity standard will be sent to VSI crusher (sand-maker), while the rest will be returned for another round of crushing.
(5) Part of the stones processed by VSI crusher (sand maker) will be made into sand and become sand products after being washed.
(6) The rest will be further crushed by the sand maker into qualified sand materials of various types.
(7) During the process, materials are washed with water and wastes such as timber and clothes are separated by hand, water and air fan. Magnetic separators are adopted for steel separation.

200T 200T/HR Concrete Recycling Plant

200TPH Concrete Recycling Plant is for Medicum capacity Construction Waste Recycling plant user.
>> 200T/HR Concrete Recycling Plant
300TPH Concrete Recycling Plant Line 300T/HR Concrete Recycling Plant

300TPH Concrete Recycling Plant product aggregate and sand from recycling construction & building materials especially Concrete.
>> 300TPH Concrete Recycling Plant