Ball Mill 봻 Ball Mill Grinding
Ball Mill Grinding
Ball Mill Grinding혻is mainly used to grind materials in mineral, cement, refractory, chemical industry, building materials, fire-resistant materials, fertilizer, porcelain and glass industry etc.

Grinding Ball Mill has dry and wet ways.
Ball mill crushes generally finer than those produced in Rod mill, and rod mills are well suited to handle finer feed and to control the smaller size of the product.
Product Name : Tube Ball Mill (Type T), Conical Ball Mill (Type C), Grate Ball Mill (Type G) Certificate : ISO 9001:2008 Ball Mill Grinding Features : (1) Ball mill is made up of feeding part, discharging part, gyre part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, and electrical controller) and so on.
(2) Ball mill adopts a steel cast hollow axis and the linings can be replaced.
(3) Ball mill adopts a forged rotary gear.
(4) Ball mill has crushing chamber with wearable plates.
(5) Ball mill runs steadily and efficiently.
Grinding Ball Mill Working principle Grinding Ball mill runs along the outside gear. Materials spirally and evenly enter the crushing chamber along the input hollow axis by input devices. Steel rods of different specifications are installed in the crushing chamber. When the frame rotates, centrifugal force is produced. At the same time, the steel rods are carried to some height and then fall to grind and strike the material. After grinded in the crushing chamber, the powder is discharges by output material board. Tube Ball Mill (Type T) Tube Ball Mill can grind materials to a fineness of minus 200 mesh, and is used as a secondary grinding mill after the Conical Ball Mill or Grate Ball Mill.
Tube Ball Mills are to produce a finished product from relatively fine feed in an open or closed circuit.혻
Tube Ball Mill is equipped with thinner shell liners and employ smaller size grinding balls than that of Conical Ball Mill .
Tube Ball Mill (Type T) Specifications
Model No. Size of Drum
Dia x Length
Capacity(t/h) Drum
Feed. 10mesh
Feed. 20mesh
T-915 900 횞 1,500 0.78 0.60 38 15
T-918 900 횞 1,800 0.92 0.71 36 19
T-924 900 횞 2,400 1.20 0.93 36 22
T-930 900 횞 3,000 1.47 1.13 36 30
T-1218 1,200 횞 1,800 2.02 1.56 32 30
T-1224 1,200 횞 2,400 2.68 2.06 31 37
T-1230 1,200 횞 3,000 3.27 2.52 31 45
T-1236 1,200 횞 3,600 3.87 2.98 31 55
T-1524 1,500 횞 2,400 5.00 3.86 28 55
T-1530 1,500 횞 3,000 6.20 4.78 27.5 75
T-1536 1,500 횞 3,600 7.30 5.63 27.5 75
T-1542 1,500 횞 4,200 8.50 6.53 27.5 95
T-1830 1,800 횞 3,000 10.40 8.00 25 95
T-1836 1,800 횞 3,600 12.40 9.50 25 110
T-1842 1,800 횞 4,200 14.30 11.00 25 150
T-1848 1,800 횞 4,800 15.90 12.20 25 150
T-2148 2,100 횞 4,800 25.70 19.80 25 220
T-2154 2,100 횞 5,400 29.00 22.40 23 220
T-2448 2,400 횞 4,800 36.40 28.00 21 300
T-2460 2,400 횞 6,000 44.70 34.00 21 370

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.

Conical Ball Mill (Type C) Conical Ball Mill has been proved to be a very efficient machine for grinding ore or many other materials in metal mines and other fields. It can grind 8 to 12mm size ore to particles as fine as 50 to 100 mesh.
The conical ball mill operates on the same principle as an ordinary ball mill; however, due to its conical shaped drum, effective size classification of the grinding media-the section of greatest diameter being the largest for coarser grinding and a gradual reduction towards the discharge end for fine-can be obtained. V-belt or directly connected drives can be furnished to the individual requirements for a particular installation.
Grate Ball Mill (Type G) Grate Ball M is a cylindrical mill equipped with grate and lifter at the discharge end, designed to be most efficient for coarse grinding in an open or closed circuit with a SAND CLASSIFIER.
Grate Ball M can handle 25mm feed. To grind such a large feed efficiently, it comes equipped with thick shell lining and large balls.
Compartment tube mill (Type P) Compartment tube mill is basically a kind of Type T Ball Mill. The drum is divided into two to four compartments.혻
The initial or primary grinding compartment is lined with thick liners and carries large balls to accomplish the coarse grinding, while one or more of the secondary compartments are provided with thinner lining and smaller balls. It is suitable for dry grinding in open circuit of calcium cyanamide calcium carbide, cement clinker etc.
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