Sand Classifier 봻 Sand Washer Classifier
Sand Wash Classifier
Sand washer Classifiers widely used to control material size from혻Ball Mill혻in the혻beneficiation process, separate mineral sand and fine mud in the gravity concentration, and clean mud and water in washing mineral process.

Sand washer Classifiers is mainly used in building site, gravel plant, concrete dam building site of hydropower station, etc
Product Name : High Mesh Classifier SHC Series Certificate : ISO 9001:2008 Sand Washer Classifier Features :

Washing, high mesh classification, and dewatering are done all at once!!

(1)Sand Washer Classifier processes simultaneously for sand washing, sludge high mesh classification and dewatering.
(2) The dewatering screen of the high mesh classifier and the cyclone are organized in one unit.
(3) Two-stage sludge high mesh classification (stage 1 for H.M classifier and stage 2 cyclone high mesh classification) for 200mesh or below is to remove High degree cleaning-up


The definitely effectiveness up to 200mesh!!

(4) High degree of sand distribution and withdrawal of small grain sand for high intensity.
(5) The adjustment of Mesh size is available up to #100 ~ #200
Sand Washer Classifier Working principle The electric motor runs slowly with the impellor after decelerated by the belt, decelerator and gears wheel. The sand and stone flow into washing launder from feeding launder, rolls with the impellor, and grinds each other. The impurity covering the sand is washing away.
At the same time, add more water, the strong water flow will take away waste and some low-weight wastes from washing launder.
Through the above process, the washing function is finished. The clean sand and stone is lift up by vane.
Finally the sand and stone goes to the out launder from the rotary impellor to finish the washing task..
High Mesh Classfier & Cyclone Specifications
Model No. Capacity
Water Q'ty
Dimension Motor
R.P.M Dewatering Screen Cyclone
Spiral Dia.(m) Bucket Dia.(m) Tank Length(m)
SYC-3650 120~140 190 250 400 3.0 3.6 5.0 7.5x1/289 1~2 DS-1024 過650
SYC-3660 230 320 500 6.0
SYC-3670 280 370 600 7.0
SYC-4260 180~210 260 360 570 3.5 4.2 6.0 11x1/289 1~2 DS-1530 過950
SYC-4270 320 430 700 7.0
SYC-4280 370 500 800 8.0
SYC-4860 210~300 290 400 630 4.1 4.8 6.0 15x1/289 1~2 DS-1833 過1100
SYC-4870 350 470 770 7.0
SYC-4880 410 550 800 8.0
SYC-5470 320~420 530 720 1150 4.7 5.4 7.0 19x1/289 1~2 DS-2145 過1100

Capacities are based upon ordinary limestone not containing wet fine particles. Ton=1,000 kg.

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